Friday, 23 November 2012

About Be Strong to Be Useful

The term "be strong to be useful" was coined by a french man named Georges Hébert. Hébert was a Navel officer prior to the first world war. In 1902 he was stationed in St. Pierre, Martininque. A near by volcano had erupted during Herbert's time there. He bravely organised an evacuation and rescue mission for the town and ended up evacuating around 700 people from the town. This left a lasting effect on him. He realised the importance of athletic strength and how it should be combined with bravely and altruism. This became his philosophy and which he described as "Être fort pour être utile" or  "be strong to be useful".

This is what this blog is all about. Developing strength not just purely for your own ego but also as an ability to improve your own life and those of others. Whether than be being able to defend yourself or others, carrying someone who can't walk, being part of an emergency service or getting people out of a near by lava river etc.

I am a powerlifter I train to be as strong as possible. Yes I compete for my own ego but the strength that I develop helps me when I need it. The stereotype of a lifter is being a meathead. Basically a big strong guy who also happens to be a complete asshole and thick as shit. I seek to change this. In my day to day job I am a care worker. Being strong is defiantly useful when i comes time to move patients (especially when you work mostly with women).

Am I the strongest greatest powerlifter who has ever lived? Hell no I'm just an average guy trying to get as strong as possible. Do I have all the answers? No. But this is a place to share what works for me and try to help others on the strength path. I write this blog for me as much as anyone to help figure things out in training and stay motivated. This blog will deal with strength, conditioning, nutrition, fitness, health, powerlifting and will always push a drug free attitude.

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  1. Herbert borrowed the phrase be strong to be useful from Friedrich Ludwig Jahn. I do love the phrase, though!