Friday, 14 December 2012

How Not To Get Fat Over Christmas

For some reason Christmas seems to be a time of no stop feasting and binging. Why is it so many gyms are packed in January? Its not just because a new year means a new start. Who ever started something on December the 31st? Its because so many people over do it at Christmas and new years and end up fatter than before. But how can this be. There are only 2 significant days in the winter holidays, Christmas day and New Year's Eve. For some reason people take it upon them selves to eat and binge non stop from the start of December until the start of January when of course you have to make resolutions to stop all that nonsense. What is really only the celebration of 2 days becomes a month of fat fucking yourself.
So I have a radical concept on how not to set yourself on the path to heart disease and diabetes. Its really very simple. Have a lovely Christmas day. Have a fantastic Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. Get as pissed as you like and eat tonnes of chocolate and mince pies. Have a great time with your family and really enjoy the day. Then on boxing day just eat normally again. Continue to eat normally until new years eve night where you will inevitably get pissed some more and eat party food. Then on January the 1st eat normally and continue to do so. For some reason people tend to spend hundreds of pounds on food and junk which they will then eat of the entire course of December. Instead of doing this just buy enough for Christmas day. Eat all of your junk food that day and then get back to normal. If you only eat bad for 1 day and then again for 1 night a week later you will not get fat, period. It will also be much cheaper in our bullshit economy to just buy enough for Xmas day rather than stocking up for the whole month. If you are following any kind of diet (like the one I'll be outlining soon) just resume it as normal and count Xmas and New Years as weekly cheat days. If you do this you will stay just as lean as when you started. Don't turn it into a week long cheat and continue to tell yourself you'll start a fresh in the new year. You don't need to be a lifter or fitness enthusiast to implement this it works for anyone as long as their normal diet isn't a complete failure to begin

Have at it

So to everyone have a great Christmas and New Years and let's make a this year's resolution not to become fat over the holidays its really very simple.

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