Friday, 11 January 2013

What To Be Strong To Be Useful Doesn't Mean

To be strong to be useful doesn't mean that:

-You are fat
- You can bench press 400lbs but can't do a single chin up.
- You get winded walking up a flight of stairs
- you weigh 150lbs can do 20 chin ups but can't dead lift 300lbs
- You do all your training with a 8kg kettle bell and TRX straps because they are functional
- You kip your pull ups
- You can lift a lot in the gym but struggle with anything that isn't a barbell
- You can deadlift 600lbs with straps but can't hold onto 400lbs with a double overhand grip.
- You can't lift even half of what you bench overhead.
- You can curl and bench a lot but can't squat or deadlift for shit.
- You only go heavy with a belt, wraps, sleeves, suits, shirts, briefs after a 30 mins foam roller session a 30min dynamic warm up after you have drunk the latest pre workout potion from GNC and just sniffed ammonia capsules.
- You just squatted 500lbs but aren't willing to carry someone away from danger.
- You think you need to get fat to get strong.
- You can do like 10 push ups but think the bench press is not functional
- You think you should use weights to train for fat loss.
- You think cardio will make you weak.
- You wouldn't help someone with a physical task because all that manual labour would hurt your gains.
- And of course you can't organise an evacuation away from an erupted volcano.

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